"You are my one in...five billion."
X-Files Fan Fiction
Lynn Gregg

The Stories
 The Armor of Her Eloquence
(VR, rated R)
Mulder borrows Scully's laptop and learns a bit
more than he'd bargained on.  Not the most original
idea, I admit, but this was the first fanfic I ever posted, so
I believe I'm entitled to a little slack.
 An Ode to Scully on Her Birthday
A birthday greeting to the Sainted One.  Proof positive
that my writing talents lie in prose, not verse.
 Barely Breathing
(VRA, rated PG-13)
The first in a series of post-Gethsemane vignettes.
Scully deals with Mulder's apparent suicide. KickAss!Scully
warning is in effect for the remainder of the series.
 Barely Breathing II: Things to Do in Vegas when You're Dead
(VRA, rated PG-13)
The second in the series. An exploration from Mulder's POV.
Lots of angst and guilt for those who like that sort of thing.
 Barely Breathing III: No More Lies
(VRA, rated PG-13)
The final installment of the series. Reunites the agents in
Las Vegas. Any further information would spoil the ending.
 Into the Darkness
(VRA, rated NC-17)
An erotic vignette, with no messy plot to get in the way. Mild
Mulderangst and lots of heat. Oh, and did I happen to mention
that this one is absolutely, positively
(VRA, rated PG)
A post-The End vignette. A peek into Scully's thoughts during
a particular scene in the episode.  Spoilers for The End.
 Enders Switch
(SA, rated PG)
Post-The End. What do you do when your whole life is lying in
ashes at your feet? Definite spoilers for the episode.

 Enders Switch: Day Two
(SA, rated PG)
Post-The End. Continues the "Enders Switch" series.

 Enders Switch: Interlude
(SR, rated R)
Post-The End.  Continues the "Enders Switch" series.
Two agents, one bed, and some late-night revelations.

 Enders Switch: Departure
(SR, rated PG-13)
Post-The End.  The next installment of the series.
The agents are reunited with Gibson, which proves
enlightening in more ways than one.

 Enders Switch: Homecoming
(SR, rated R)
Post-The End.  Continues the series.  Back home again.  The
Gunmen, Gibson, and finally...Skinner?

 Enders Switch: In Flagrante
(SR, rated PG-13)
Post-The End.  Humiliation, angst, and a bridge crossed.

 Enders Switch: Sidetracked
(SR, rated PG-13)
Post-The End.  Gibson is reunited with his parents and
the agents are called off to investigate a little something
brewing in Dallas.

(VR, rated PG)
A snack on a road trip leads to complications for the agents.
Pure fluff. WARNING: The dreaded "F" word is used in this story,
and I'm not referring to the one that rhymes with "duck".
 Living, A Little
(VRH, rated PG)
Post-Small Potatoes. Takes place following Mulder and Scully's visit
to Eddie Van Blundht in prison. Of all the stories I've written to date,
this one remains my personal favorite.
 A Moment of Truth
(VR, rated PG)
A post-Small Potatoes vignette I wrote based on nothing more than
the episode trailer.
 Prometheus, Unbound
(VR, rated PG)
Post-Postmodern Prometheus. A conversation in the car on the way home
from the "Great Mutato" case.
 Resigned to Fate
(VRA, rated R)
When Scully tries to quit the X-Files, Mulder finds a way to make her stay.
This is the first XF fanfic I ever wrote, way back in the fall of 1996. If it seems
cheesy, derivative or otherwise subpar, blame it on the fact that I was writing
it from a position of relative ignorance of the whole fanfic scene. <g>
 An X-Mas Story
(VR, rated R)
My take on a holiday-themed story, also one of my earlier efforts. I think
::shudder:: I may have used that "F" word in this one, too.


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