Bad-Ass   Badtz-Maru!

This is Bad Badtz-Maru...the dark side of the Sanrio company,
purveyors of such charming and inoffensive characters as Hello
Kitty, Keroppi the frog, etc. Badtz-Maru is a punk-ass penguin
who makes those beer commercial birdies cower in fear. Badtz
kicks butt. He is usually depicted doing things to annoy and
provoke, such as pulling his eyelids down or sticking his
tongue out or blasting cowering aliens with his Death Ray. 

Badtz-Maru teaches us that it is okay to go against the grain,
to rage against the machine, to stick out your tongue at those
who would say nay. Embrace Badtz-Maru. Come to the dark side.
Nurture your inner punk. And visit the links below, to learn
more of the ways of Badtz-Maru:

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